There's a good reason that Tyrone LeRoux and his boutique property development company, Urban Space, have a reputation for creating some of the most stylish and innovative renovations completed in the Ponsonby area in the last few years. The reason is bespoke craftsmanship and an eye for detail ensuring that the result is always one step ahead of current trends.

Tyrone specialises in the restoration of homes imbued with "Ponsonby provenance". His clients share his love of traditional villas, however, they also want a home that "mixes it up" and that is Tyrone's forte. His homes are elegant, contemporary and at times cutting edge, meeting today's - and tomorrow's lifestyle requirements. With each new project, Urban Space sets the bar higher for those who follow.

Every home is individually crafted by Tyrone to make the most of good bones, a great site, and to blend seamlessly into the Ponsonby milieu. When you buy a home restored and crafted by Tyrone and his team, you know you are buying a home that is the best it can be.